Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I place an order?

A. Once you have selected a plan that interests you, select the "Tell Me More" button. The cost of the plan can then be found under the "Order Plans" tab.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept for plan orders?

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eCheck and PayPal.

Q. What will the shipping cost on my order be?

A. We ship paper drawings by UPS economy or priority and your shipping cost will be calculated based on your shipping address when you review your payment prior to checking out. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Plans delivered in digital format (pdf or dwg) will have no shipping cost as we will send them to you by e-mail and you can have them printed at your local print shop.

Q. Can you ship to PO boxes?

A. Sorry, UPS will not ship to PO boxes.

Q. When will my plans be shipped?

A. All plan orders will be shipped within 24 hours on the next business day. We do not ship plans on weekends or holidays.

Q. Can you recommend a print shop in Hawaii?

A. Yes. We recommend Preferred Digital Prints for exceptional service and great prices.

Q. Can the plans I choose be modified if I need revisions to them?

A. Yes they can. You can call Piper Designs at 808-331-2244 or e-mail to get pricing for your desired revisions. In some cases however it may be more effective to have the plans revised locally, because a local design firm will be familiar with local codes and requirements.

Q. Do your plans meet the most up to date codes?

A. At the time they are drawn, they are drawn to the national codes that would apply. Our plans comply with at least one of the three codes; they are CABO, UBC or IRC. It is virtually impossible to design for and meet all codes, therefore some plans may need small revisions to comply with your local codes, but this can be done by you or your builder, based on your building department’s requirements.

Q. Do the Plans come with a materials list?

A. No they don’t, however you can take your plans to a local building material supplier and in many cases they will provide one for free or a small fee.

Q. What do your plans include?

A. When viewing a specific plan, click on the “What’s included” tab for a list of what is included.

Q. How many plan sets should I order?

A. Six sets of drawings are generally needed for construction: Two for your contractor, two for the local building inspections department, one for your financing institution, and one for yourself for reference. Subcontractors may also require additional sets. Additional sets are available on the purchase options tab for each plan.